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Technical Consultancy

A To-Do list to become a qualified Quality Manager!

Quality Control Managers play a vital role in guaranteeing products/services meet quality standards and customer…
Technical Consultancy

The new ISO 9712:2022 for the certification of personnel responsible for Non-Destructive Testing

Let's discover What has changed! This new version was released by ISO in December 2021…
Technical Consultancy

The Power of Hydrogen: a key player in the journey to net zero Emissions

Among the exciting renewable energy solutions, Hydrogen shines as a versatile element with incredible potential…
Technical Consultancy

Predictive maintenance as strategic opportunity

Predictive maintenance or maintenance 4.0 brings benefits on both a technological and business level: it…
Technical Consultancy

Preventive maintenance in industry 4.0

Preventive maintenance refers to planned inspections and repairs: these maintenance plans or PMMS (Preventive Maintenance…
Technical Consultancy

Maintenance management and its positive effects on efficiency

Globalization of markets and international competition put pressure on companies when it comes to efficiency…