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4 Benefits of digitization in quality control

Digitization in areas such as quality, safety, and process control brings numerous benefits. In a…
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3 benefits of traceability in 4.0 industries

The definition of quality, fundamental for 4.0 industries, regulated by ISO 8402 refers to the…
Technical Consultancy

Blockchain, traceability: the new frontier of quality control

Traceability allows manufacturing companies to manage the entire production chain efficiently and transparently . It…
Technical ConsultancyTechnical Consultancy

Five necessary requirements for an effective Quality 4.0 strategy

Adopting a Quality 4.0 approach is essential for companies that want to work on process…

New technological solutions for Quality 4.0

Quality 4.0refers to the new technological approach of companies to Qualityand Compliance, which requires a…
Digital xLab

Metaverse, cybersecurity and Agumented Reality

The Metaverse has become a relevant topic in the world of technology, opening doors that…