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Technical Consultancy

Maintenance management and its positive effects on efficiency

Globalization of markets and international competition put pressure on companies when it comes to efficiency…
Technical Consultancy

Data quality assessment and software certification

In the field of industrial certification, certifying the level of quality of specific data repositories…
Technical Consultancy

The importance of data quality in smart manufacturing

In this era of digital transformation strategic processes and operations are mostly data-driven. Data science…

Digital transformation, quality and software certification

With the term digital transformation, in Italy, we refer to the context of Quality 4.0…
Technical Consultancy

Fugitive emissions and compliance of the industrial valves

In industrial plants, fugitive emission defines discharges of gasses, vapors or liquids from pressure-containing facilities,…
Technical Consultancy

Expediting activities in large projects

Expediting activities were born in the 1960s from the need to monitor the suppliers of…