The companies

A group corporate organizational structure that operates in an integrated and synergy manner

A shared vision to create innovation

As a Group, we constantly invest in improving skills, tools and our working method to position ourselves more and more as innovators in our sector.

Three companies, one shared goal: to create continuous innovation.

We provide support and improvement services for the Supply Chain in engineering and assessment.

We propose ourselves as certifiers for business management systems, skills, products and processes.

We provide consultancy for digital transformation in the areas of quality, operations and maintenance.

Technical Consultancy

We offer Engineering & Assessment services with high quality standards for the Supply Chain of EPCs and Packagers, designed to guarantee concrete results and solutions. We are specialized in the energy, chemical and transport sectors.

Global Register

We are specialized in business assurance certification services for companies. Our services allows to certify products, processes or systems in compliance with national and international regulations, with an accessible and quality offer.

Digital xLab

We are a digital transformation studio for the industry. We provide innovative services and software for the management of industrial quality, operations and maintenance processes, thanks to a vision based on design, modern technologies and a lean approach.

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