Vendor Management Service

Our Vendor Management Services division offers integrated solutions to enhance supply chain performance. We focus on continuous process improvement, cost reduction, and timely delivery to support our clients in assessing and enhancing supplier performance. Our comprehensive assessment services ensure product conformity with purchase specifications and help mitigate delivery risks.
Global coverage

Our global network ensures precise supply chain control worldwide.

Time Interaction

Seamless collaboration among engineers, suppliers, and your team.

Innovative approach

Swift services with smart and innovative surveillance.

Periodic Analyses

Data driven decision making thorough supplier performance analysis.


Vendor Assessment

Implementing a Vendor Assessment program is of fundamental importance because it provides a precise identity to each individual supplier, enabling the company to make informed choices for the purchase of raw materials and services. We offer assessment and audit services to support clients in verifying the organization, management system, infrastructure, resources, production capacity and operational control of existing or potential suppliers. The assessment is performed by qualified professionals based on customer specifications and international standards.

Vendor Inspection 

Our inspection services ensure your work meets the highest quality standards. Our experienced teams carefully assess your products, processes, and projects to guarantee they meet your precise requirements and industry regulations.

Vendor Expediting  

We understand the critical importance of timely deliveries and the precision required in meeting order requirements. Our expediting services involve diligent monitoring to ensure that our suppliers align with the terms of purchase orders, ensuring on-time delivery and the precise quantity specified. We take proactive actions to guarantee that your project’s timeline stays on track, maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability. With our expediting services, you can trust in a seamless supply chain, meeting your project’s demands effectively.

Assisted Reality Inspection

Globalization, access to specialized technologies and the need to reduce costs related to the procurement and construction of plants have led the EPC and Packagers market to structure global and complex supply chains.
Often the constraints relating to tight deadlines and construction conditions make it difficult to guarantee an adequate presence on site of suppliers during the testing and control phases of the purchased supplies.
Our service line has developed a remote surveillance solution, capable of ensuring correct monitoring and control of supplier performance with the same quality and effectiveness as on-site visits.


Vendor Assessment
  • Reduce subjectivity
  • Foster a performance based culture
  • Set continuous improvement standards
  • Cultivate strategic partnerships
Vendor Inspection
  • Comprehensive supply chain oversight
  • RealReal–time interaction time interaction
  • Swift service delivery Swift service delivery
  • Periodic performance Periodic performance surveyssurveys..
Vendor Expediting
  • Comprehensive supply chain oversight
  • Real time interaction
  • Swift service delivery
  • Periodic performance surveys
Assisted Reality Inspection
  • Cost optimization
  • Flexible solutions
  • Business continuity assurance
  • Access high value skills
  • Remote supplier control
  • Real time interaction

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