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Digitization in areas such as quality, safety, and process control brings numerous benefits. In a 21st century manufacturing industry, new technologies are the real drivers of substantial changes in production and human resource management.
Indeed, efficiency in a Digital Factory is higher than in a company that has not yet embarked on a digital transformation journey. It is also possible to identify a number of concrete strengths that cut across quality control, from inspections to worker safety.

1) Automations and safety

With digital controls on production processes and products, automations also have greater consistency at the quality level. This increases efficiency and reduces the risk of accidents, with the use of robots to work on heavy, repetitive, dangerous operations and technological systems that perform examinations under conditions of speed, high temperatures, the presence of hazardous atmospheres or other toxic agents that would not make visual inspection by humans possible.

2) Inspections and compliance

Having a digital quality control is the key to facilitating inspections. In addition to digitization and in-cloud storage of documents related to compliance with regulations and international standards, audit work is also expedited by ensuring more accurate data.

3) Analytics and big data

With a data-driven approach and the right software, it is possible to monitor every activity in an integrated and real-time manner. By collecting Big Data throughout the production process, the various platforms are able to perform data analysis that returns a quality assessment, reducing costs associated with errors in the supply chain.

4) Product customization

Responding to customer needs in a timely manner allows you to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace: new technologies facilitate mass customization, that is, the ability to produce many variants with the costs of standardized production.

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