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Since 2013 we help companies and organizations to improve their business performances. Our mission is to innovate the industry’s services sector.
We are TC2 Group, we are designed for the future.

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The continuous growth of our business is based on solid principles and strenghts. The high quality standards we offer are the result of high-profile skills, organization and constant synergy between the companies of the Group.

Three companies, a single shared goal: to create continuous innovation.

The companiesOur history

At the service of industries since 2013

Since our inception, almost 10 years ago, we have been committed to providing integrated services to the industrial sector, ensuring high quality and competitive offer for companies of any size.

We have created an international network of high added value partnerships and a team of qualified professionals attentive to the needs of our customers.

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Technical Consultancy
22 March 2023

The importance of data quality in smart manufacturing

In this era of digital transformation strategic processes and operations are mostly data-driven. Data science is therefore one of the main themes around Quality 4.0. The growing role of data…
23 February 2023

Digital transformation, quality and software certification

With the term digital transformation, in Italy, we refer to the context of Quality 4.0 or Industry 4.0, or rather the set of new technologies applied to industry that allow…
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