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Quality 4.0refers to the new technological approach of companies to Qualityand Compliance, which requires a renewal of the organization of internal processes and an improvement of the skills of CEOs and employees.

The development of a Quality 4.0 system is based on data and analytics, which support business interconnectivity and improve the quality of processes through empirical analysis. Quality 4.0combines technology and traditional methods with the goal of achieving performance excellence.

Processes influenced by Quality 4.0

Digital is therefore the field in which to develop new Quality 4.0 processes, starting from the corporate culture. This involves updating the skills of employees, with the development of digital skills across the board. The same collaboration between the teams is readapted through real-time communication systems, connectingtechnology and humans in a highly effective way. It is estimated that about 20% of Italian companies have not yet adopted such an approach.

Also in the field of Compliance, the automated control management allows companies to ensure the quality of processes and products avoiding the risks of violations of regulations. Quality 4.0 becomes acompetitive advantage and represents the basic approach of Digital Manufacturing.

Technological solutions for Quality 4.0

EQMS (Electronic Quality Management Systems) are fundamental for the implementation of Quality 4.0 in the company, i.e. quality management systems, as technological solutions capable of processing and interpreting large quantities of data coming from the connection between the different information systems that manage business processes.

In the process of digital transformationof companies, working on Quality 4.0 is therefore a necessary requirement. TC2 Group has developed a technology solution called DigitalQmX, to support the implementation of quality processes in the digital field within the company.

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