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By Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) we mean the outsourcing of secondary business processes. It’s an organizational model born with the need to compete at an increasingly higher level in global markets, optimizing the investment in company resources as much as possible.

Outsourcing some production activities is a need across all sectors and companies of all sizes. SMEs are inclined to rely on external companies for those activities that they could hardly manage internally due to the size of the staff and the skills of the internal teams; multinationals, on the other hand, choose BPO to save resources, to be allocated elsewhere or in the development of the core business.

The partnership between outsourcer and outsourcee

BPO is basically a partnership between an outsourcer (the company that chooses to outsource certain processes) and an outsourcee (the external company). The goal of the collaboration is to increase the competitiveness of the outsourcer on the market: as a result, the outsourcee is chosen and commissioned because it is considered capable of achieving business objectives more effectively and optimizing the performance of certain processes.

For BPO to be truly a useful model for growth, the outsourcee must be competent and experienced.

Organizational models and BPO

Companies that provide Business Process Outsourcing services such as TC2 do not limit themselves to providing a service, but support the customer with a complex organizational structure and studying strategies aimed at increasing the effectiveness of processes and optimizing the investment in corporate resources.

This also translates into a consultancy also relating to the improvement of internal processes and the possibility of applying new organizational models that bring benefits to the company itself.

Optimization of the allocation of internal resources

The goal for each company should therefore be to dedicate as many internal company resources to core business activities. All the activities considered secondary, hence, can be managed by external partner companies such as TC2, which are organized with smart working systems and remote control of the tools in order to work towards objectives effectively.

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