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The presentation event of our Group was staged on 14 October at the Spazio Daste in Bergamo.

We presented ourselves in public for the first time with a new guise.
The Group’s rebranding project is the result of intense work carried out in recent months and culminated in a new corporate image, a reorganisation of the company’s divisions and a new website.

The concept of the new brand revolves around the idea of transformation and change, one of the fundamental pillars on which our corporate culture is based. The company divisions are identified by a well-defined color code, but with a constant reference to the Group identity.

The keywords of our Group – future, innovation, transformation – were the main message that we tried to communicate during the event at Spazio Daste.

As soon as they entered the event space, our guests were greeted by a fresh and modern atmosphere, plays of light and electronic bases in an exceptional location.

Spazio Daste, a former thermoelectric power station in the Bergamo district of Celadina, is a place of sociality and aggregation, an innovative engine of urban, social and cultural transformation.

The room presented a set-up with 3 main thematic areas, each with an offer of vertical experiences on the new divisions of the Group.

The Technical Consultancy area showed how the division dedicated to Engineering & Assessment services reorganized its internal information processes, optimizing operations with the help of digital and technological tools to support Coordinators and Inspectors.

We presented for the first time to the public our iNspXt software, an innovative system for remote inspection management with the help of augmented reality technology.

This was followed by the Digital xLab area, one of the central points of the evening-event, the place where the new technology division of the TC2 Group was presented for the first time.

The newly formed division has taken up a fundamental challenge for the market in which we operate: exploiting the most modern technologies to enable digital transformation in the industry services sector.

Digital xlab is the digital studio of the TC2 Group, a provider of digital products for the optimization of business information processes and digital consulting services for digital transformation.

The last thematic area was offered by Global Register, our division dedicated to business assurance services for companies.

Even in a very conventional sector such as the certification of products, processes, people and systems, we decided not to miss our innovative drive, trying to renew the traditional patterns of services.

The area presented to the public the modern methodologies that we usually use to train the skills of the people to be certified. The welding system in augmented reality or virtual driving simulator for muleteers are just some of the tools that we make available to our customers

The event at Spazio Daste was an important opportunity for the TC2 Group to present to our network, our partners and our customers how we are preparing to face the challenges of the future.

The new company organization will allow us to offer an even more complete and competitive offer, ensuring our customers a 360-degree service experience.

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