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The impact of expediting activities on the supply chain

By 25 November 2022No Comments

The purpose of expediting activities is to verify the status of an order on behalf of the customer, checking that the service or products purchased are optimal for the needs of the project and that orders meet deadlines and delivery times. Part of expediting work is primarily to verify compliance with contractual requirements regarding industrial products, based on international or local standards.

Expediting can take place on different levels: from production, to quality control, to the verification of packaging and shipments, but in general also to the management of the entire project and its deadlines.

Expediting and inspections

For a company that deals with large-scale projects, such as the construction of a power plant, it is significant to rely on a partner for expediting, even better if it also manages inspection activities together. In fact, it is no longer sufficient to relegate this type of quality control to testing by internal technicians.

This type of projects and construction sites often require the supply of materials and equipment from international suppliers. Potential complications caused by late deliveries from any supplier or poor quality products would cause serious economic damage and impact the entire supply chain. An effective expediting activity, on the other hand, guarantees compliance and quality in both products and processes, thus supervising the entire supply chain.

Choosing the right partner for expediting

The expediting company (called expediter) has an in-depth knowledge of the sourcing, production and delivery processes, with the role of examining every aspect of the supply, recommending solutions capable of supporting the project and keeping the customer informed on of advantages in production processes.

The global network that we have built as TC2 is a great strength: it allows us both to intervene in real time, thanks to advanced remote control technologies, but especially to have a complete view of the main international suppliers.

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